MakeModes Manual

For those who have never had any documentation, or have mislaid it, or have become tired of the errors and lack of clarity in the original Acorn "Manual" and "Applications Note", revised versions are now available here.

Documents last updated 17th October 2003

The Revised documents are available in the following formats:

The original documents and files are attributed to Acorn Computers and specifically to Dean Murphy, 22 August 1994.

If anybody feels aggrieved that their work has been modified and reproduced here, without acknowledgement, please do email


and explain, so that the situation can be repaired.

Modification of the Manual was aimed first at countering the bug in !MakeModes which results in a fatal Type 5 error if you try to create a new MDF directly from the "Generate MDF" dialog box by entering a new name in the Monitor title writable icon, filling in the rest of the details appropriate to the monitor and clicking on the "Generate" button. The workaround is set out both briefly and in detail in the revision.

The second aim was to introduce some of the explanations from the original Application Note to make the Manual clearer. Then it was found that the Application Note itself could be clearer. Hence the revision of that document.

If you are looking for !MakeModes itself, version 0.26 was last seen at the Acorn legacy FTP site:

but, more directly:


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